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Professional woods lamp,UV LED Lamp/Flashlight Manufacturer

Shenzhen Enjoy-ing Technology Co., Ltd., the company mainly produces all kinds of UV lamps, violet flashlights, UV curing lamps, UV curing machines, LED UV lamps, Wood lamps, Woods lamps, black lamps, violet lamps, fluorescent detection lamps, Jewelry identification lamps, anti-counterfeiting inspection lamps, industrial fluorescent detection lamps, air-conditioning leak-proof detection lamps, and other export-oriented enterprises. 20 years of focus on the wood lamp field, the annual sales of about 50 million yuan. In good faith to treat people, quality first, I hope to cooperate with colleagues in the business community, work together! We maintain a fresh passion and persistent pursuit; we have mature production management experience and quality-oriented self-requirement; we do not have luxurious factory and office, but we have a clean workshop and a hygienic environment; we have no habits and hidden habits. , but we have a pragmatic and sincere philosophy; more importantly, we dare to make a commitment to everyone - that is, all our product images are in line with the real thing, everything we can promote can be verified and verified, we I hope to face every customer sincerely, I believe that from the moment you choose us, the pleasant cooperation has just begun...................

◆ R&D technical strength: Under the support of high-tech and local hard-working facilities in the United States and Japan, maximizing production time savings, enabling customers' non-standard customization needs to become practical and fully functional products. , shorten the customer product line production cycle.

◆ Efficient service: Because of our focus, we are professional. Our vision is to create a faster and more economical Woods lamp and work hard. Everyone will use the Woods lamp that everyone can afford!

◆ Product positioning: global high-end consumer groups, especially in Europe, America, other developed countries and first-tier cities in China

◆ Flexible cooperation: You can choose to become our brand agent, distributor, and distributor. At the same time, we can also provide OEM and ODM services for you.

Main products: UV flashlight, LED UV light, purple light, counterfeit light, fluorescent detection light, Wood light, WOODS light, ultraviolet flashlight, dice light, UV light, counterfeit light, black light, fluorescent light detection light.
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