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  • +8618038018108

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About Us


Professional UV LED Lamp/Flashlight Manufacturer

Shenzhen Enjoy-ing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing from China which only produce UV LED, 
who is also a leader of UV LED industry in China. 
Our team comes from UV LED CHIP fields,with UV LED industry-leading expertise. 
Through integrating LED chip,integrated design and production of packaging and NAIL UV LED LAMP, 
who provides the industry's largest and most competitive UV LED LAMPS. 
Launched the world's first applied to all nail machine(Electronic and Inductive) of UV LED LAMPS 
Launched the world's first cured to all nail polish glue of UV LED LAMPS 
Provides a series of 280nm~420nm of different wavelengths of UV LED PRODUCTS 
Our goal which is to become the leader of UV LED industry in the world who offers the most competitive UV LED PRODUCTS ,such as nail curing,curing printing,paper money,medical,electronics bonding,trapping,sterilization etc.